Every year Martin Logan, Jordan Wilberding and I put on a conference called ErlangCamp. We have done it for three years so far; Chicago in 2010, Boston in 2011 and now A Coruña, Spain People come from all over the world to spend two days talking about engineering highly resilient systems with Erlang and OTP. They spend time with some of the most prominent engineers in the Erlang world, and they learn a lot in a short amount of time. However, it isn’t a conference in the normal sense. At ErlangCamp we have one goal and one goal only; that is to get people over the hump of learning OTP and how to build big, reliable systems in just two days. It’s much more of an intense two-day workshop or training class then it is a normal conference. Its tough to keep up, but you learn a ton. Best of all its a very good value at just around $100.

Why is it so inexpensive? We price it that way so that people can come. For better or worse it is still the case that most people in the Erlang world are doing Erlang on the side, in their personal projects, or as a small test project in their company. They don’t have the financial backing or resources of their company and so end up paying for the Camp out of their pocket. We are interested in seeing those folks learn even more. We want to see them become the seed of Erlang at whatever organization they are in and we love to see the community grow. So we charge just enough to cover our expenses, and we donate our time and efforts to the cause of getting them up to speed on some of the most critical parts Erlang. It’s good for them, the attendee; it’s good for the Erlang community and, in the long run, its good for everyone involved. It’s a good time, and you should be a part of it.

This year we are doing the conference in the Galician city of A Coruña on October 5th and 6th. A Coruña beautiful town on the northern coast of Spain. It is a nice vacation spot in it’s own right and we are getting unbelievable support from the Universidade de Coruña, and the especially the computer science department. This is going to be one of the liveliest ErlangCamps since we did the first one in Chicago in 2010.

This year we have also added a couple of interesting features. One of the biggest ones is the chance for attendees to have dinner with the Speakers. Basically, for the cost of your ticket + the cost of a nice dinner you get to spend several hours on Friday night Martin, Jordan and myself anything you would like. That is an opportunity that’s worth the cost.

We are proud of the work we have done with ErlangCamp and how these Camps have helped many people in the Erlang Community. This is your chance to become part of that and it’s a great excuse to spend a couple days in Spain learning about one of the best and most interesting software platforms out there. ⤧  Next post The Proper Use of Dialyzer in Rebar Projects ⤧  Previous post Exploring A New Development Interface